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A big Wyoming welcome!

   XH Angus would like to extend an invitation to you to attend our annual high altitude bull sale on November 15th, 2018.  This year we will be doing things a little different.  We decided to forgo having an auction and decided to do a more low key affair with a private treaty sale.  The sale date will stay the same.

 -9 am bulls will be ready for viewing & silent auction will open
 -12 pm lunch will be served
 -1 pm silent auction will close
    (in the event of contending bidders, there will be a bid off)
    This year saw one of the driest summers memorable in a number of years.  These bulls had to fight for every pound they gained.  It was a good year to tell what cow families are the easy fleshing kind.  They are far from being overly fat, I believe they will hold their condition through the winter just fine, and be ready for turn-out in spring in just as good of rig as any other bull.  

    We have strived over the last 7 years to be stringent on the culling process for PAP and birth weight, while trying to moderate the frame size of these cattle to a 5 or 5 ½, with the mature weight of the cows being around 1250.  We still expect the calves to gain well enough to have a decent 205 weight of 600 lbs.
   These bulls are never pushed on a high concentrate feed ration.  They are grown out nice and slow with moderate growth so the structural integrity of these bulls is never compromised.  First thing in spring they are kicked out to sagebrush pastures, and these bulls have to travel to find feed, and to get a drink of water, they’ve learned how to move or starve.

   There is a really nice set of bred heifers offered this years sale.  We have a couple lots of ripping good black baldy heifers that are AI’ed to a home raised low birth weight angus bull.  We also have a couple sets of commercial angus heifers that are the right kind.  These heifers are in their working clothes, they just came off summer pasture October 10th, and have been just grass hay since. 
  The bulls and bred heifers offered for sale have never left high elevation.  They were born, raised, PAP tested, and going to be sold at 6950’.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call.  I look forward to fielding any and all questions, comments, or concerns.  If you can’t make it sale day, we will be more than willing to take bids by phone, and treat your money like its our own.  We have a sight unseen guarantee.

   We invite you to come out sale day to look through the offering, have lunch, visit, and hopefully find a bull that will work in your cattle program.  Please join us at XH Angus on November 15th, 2018 at the XH Angus sale barn 8 miles south of Saratoga, WY.

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